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What Is The Legacy Collective?


Welcome to

Heritage Homeschoolers of Cobb County

Who We Are

We Are Heritage

Heritage Homeschoolers of Cobb County is a nonprofit support group whose mission is to encourage and equip homeschoolers, particularly Black homeschoolers in Metro Atlanta who have had a difficult time finding spaces of belonging within the homeschooling world. We strive to create an inclusive community that cultivates belonging and fosters relationships for K-12 Black homeschooled children and others through in-person social, educational, and enrichment activities.

Our Culture

Heritage Homeschoolers is a vibrant, culturally affirming community where we celebrate our rich heritage while fostering a supportive environment where children can build thriving friendships while learning together. Heritage families celebrate homeschooling and support one another in creating opportunities for children to flourish and parents to connect.


Childhood and adolescence are precious times filled with wonder and potential. We cherish these years, and together, we provide enriching experiences that foster growth, creativity, and joy. This group aims to raise healthy, community-minded youth who are deeply rooted in who they are as they consistently spread wide branches toward others.

A Participatory Community

Our group is built on the active involvement of our families. We are a participatory community where parents lean in, contribute their talents, and engage in the collective upbringing of our children. Whether through organizing activities, leading enrichment classes, or simply being present, every family plays a vital role. Your active participation is not just welcomed; it's essential to the success of our community and the growth of our children.


Building a Supportive Village

We are more than just a homeschooling group; we are a village. Our community offers a safe space where children and families connect, share experiences, and grow together. We want our children to take pride in who they are and feel confident in their abilities. By surrounding them with positive role models and engaging social and educational experiences, we help empower our children to achieve their fullest potential. Our programs are designed to build friendships, encourage curiosity, and foster a love of learning.


Our collective enthusiasm and dedication make Heritage Homeschoolers a unique and inspiring place to be. Join us as we embrace the journey!


While Cobb County is our home base for meetings, classes, and most events, we explore Greater Atlanta and beyond with our field trips. Cobb County residency is not a requirement for membership, but all member families must be Georgia residents. 

Our History

In 2016, a serendipitous online meeting between Amber O'Neal Johnston and Kayla Brown in a homeschool Facebook group sparked the beginning of what would become Heritage Homeschoolers. Both Amber and Kayla were searching for a community of Black homeschoolers near Marietta, Georgia, where they could build meaningful connections and "do life" together. When they discovered they lived just a mile apart, they arranged a playdate that would set the foundation for their shared vision.

They discussed the lack of existing groups that met their needs during their initial meeting. The only similar group they found was "Heritage Homeschoolers," a support group and co-op for Black homeschoolers in Cobb County that had disbanded years ago. Intrigued by the potential of reviving such a community, Amber embarked on a mission to learn more about the original Heritage group and its founders.

Amber's determination paid off when she connected with Kendall Watkins, a leader of the first Heritage Homeschoolers. Over an hour-long phone conversation,...

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“Heritage is full of a rich diversity in thought,experience, passion and backgrounds which fosters a community that helps the students and their families thrive. We wouldn't be nearly as successful in our homeschooling without the supportive resources and many opportunities to connect through Heritage..”

-The Mason Family

What We Offer

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How Can I Become a Member?

Heritage Homeschoolers of Cobb County is an inclusive support group for Black homeschool families in the metro Atlanta area. Eligible families MUST have at least one school-age homeschooled child.


If you don't have a homeschooled child aged 5 or older but are interested in connecting with our community and learning more about homeschooling, we would love to welcome you to our Little Roots program

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Support Our Programming!

Heritage Homeschoolers of Cobb County is a parent led and funded,  501(c) (3) non-profit organization. We welcome and value partnership with other businesses, organizations and donors. If you are interested in partnering with us on our mission and the furtherance of our programming please email us at .

If you are interested in making a one-time monetary donation, please click the button below. If you would like your donation to go to a specific event or aspect of our programming, please indicate that in the memo of your donation. 

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