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Our Mission

At The Legacy Collective, we provide a nurturing and empowering environment where in-person learning opportunities, community, and Black culture converge. Our co-op is designed to foster the holistic development of Black and Brown homeschooled children, equipping them with essential life skills, a strong social identity, and the tools to thrive as well-rounded individuals in society. We are committed to instilling cultural pillars of success and facilitating a deep connection to the Black community and others. Through our monthly Community Day, weekly Clubhouse Days, and culturally enriching classes, we aim to create a space where families can collaborate, form meaningful connections, and energize their learning adventures. If you are seeking a safe, exciting, and empowering community for your students to connect, build confidence, and embrace their cultural identity while learning alongside dedicated parents and education professionals, then TLC is the perfect place for you.


Interested In Teaching A Class?

We are always looking to partner with other educators to offer our families a wide range of programming.

Click the button below to learn more about our teaching opportunities.


The Legacy Collective Class Preview

Here is a preview of our Fall Clubhouse classes below. Please be advised, this is a PREVIEW ONLY of our Clubhouse class schedule. Class additions are possible prior to Fall Registration opening on July 15th.

How Can I Participate?

The Legacy Collective or TLC is a program of Heritage Homeschoolers available at a discounted cost exclusively to Heritage Homeschoolers of Cobb County member-partners. If you are interested in becoming a member-partner click the "Become A Member-Partner" button below.

We are piloting a limited number of non-Heritage families to attend TLC semester classes.  However, these families must still meet the Heritage Homeschoolers eligibility criteria to be considered for registration. 

TLC Enrollment

Steps To Participate In The Legacy Collective

Non-Heritage Member

Non-Heritage members that would like to participate in The Legacy  Collective ONLY, please click the "Apply Now" button below to  complete our application form.

Step 1

Online Orientation

Once our team has processed your application, you'll receive an email inviting you to complete our "The Legacy" online orientation.

Step 2

Tech Zoom Call

After completing The Legacy online orientation, new members will receive an invitation to attend our Tech Zoom call. During this session, you'll walk you through the website and how to register for classes.

Step 3

Membership Plan

After your Tech Zoom call you'll receive a Welcome email with instructions on how to pay for your membership and enroll into classes. After payment for your membership plan and enroll for classes.

Step 4

This application is for non-Heritage Homeschoolers member-partners.  If you are already a Heritage member, you DO NOT need to complete this application to attend The Legacy Collective.  Please be advised, there are a limited number of slots for non-Heritage participants. Consideration for enrollment will be evaluated on a first come, first serve basis. 

TLC Application
Non-Heritage Member The Legacy Collective Application
How long has your child(ren) been homeschooled?
How long do you intend to homeschool your child(ren)?
The Legacy Collective is NOT a DROP-OFF program. All participating children are required to have a parent or responsible adult on the premises at all time. Will this be an issue for your family?
Non Heritage member partners are required to contribute/volunteer five (5) times during each participating semester. Does this pose an issue with your family?
Which one of our offerings is your family most intrested in? Check all that apply
How did you hear about our program?
Each participating family is required to contribute to The Legacy Collective community. Which area would you be most interested in? Please select the volunteer areas for your first semester of participation. (You will be able to select the dates for the specified duty you choose)
What class subjects are you instrested in your child(ren) taking?
With the exception of public school, has your child(ren) ever attended a structured educational program?
Upload File

Thank you for submitting your The Legacy Collective application. Our team will review your application and contact you soon!

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